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Dawn Gilliam

My first appearance in the entertainment business was as a dancer on Thai TV in Bangkok, Thailand at the age of 11.  My father was in the Air Force.  There was another American family that had teens with a band and they asked me to be a dancer.

Then when I was 18, I became an original Los Angeles Ram Cheerleader.  This experience started my career in the business.  My first appearance on American TV was dancing as a Ram Cheerleader on The Johnny Carson Show.

I spent 12 years in front of the camera and then decided that behind the scenes satisfied my creativity.   These last 30 years has been a great adventure.  I became a filmmaker.  A storyteller.  A teacher and mentor of the craft.

I started teaching the craft in 1995.  I only taught once a year because I am a working Script Supervisor.  Then I started traveling  for work and meeting people who wanted to take my course  So the online course was created.


I teach the basics plus advanced skills.  I have one of the longest courses in Script Supervision because it's that much information.


When the door of opportunity opens, let's make sure  you're best Script Supervisor for the project!So

Dawn posing for a photo


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